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Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset


Latitude: 51.442665, Longitude: -2.718687



Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset
Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset (7)
Tyntesfield was the Victorian Gothic Revival house and estate near Wraxall, North Somerset, which was home to William Gibbs and his heirs until the death of Richard Gibbs in 2001. Tyntesfield was purchased by the National Trust in June 2002

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Victoria Pemberton Album of photos from Tyntesfield family 1894 - 1914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Lt Col Alexander George  7 Sep 1900Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2256
2 Gibbs, Anstice Katherine  12 Sep 1881Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1747
3 Gibbs, Doreen Albinia de Burgh  17 Sep 1913Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2087
4 Gibbs, Emily  9 Jun 1869Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2735
5 Gibbs, Captain Eustace Lyle  10 Mar 1885Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1741
6 Gibbs, Rev. George Henry  15 Sep 1842Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2577
7 Gibbs, Isabel Alice  27 Dec 1862Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1403
8 Gibbs, Janet Blanche  15 Apr 1887Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1749
9 Gibbs, Joseph Hucks  14 Oct 1840Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2583
10 Gibbs, Louis Merivale  24 Apr 1883Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1740
11 Gurney, William Hampden  8 Feb 1870Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Crawley-Boevey, Matilda Blanche  22 Sep 1887Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1628
2 Gibbs, Alice Blanche  12 Mar 1871Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1728
3 Gibbs, Antony of Tyntesfield  24 Apr 1907Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1695
4 Gibbs, Louis Merivale  1 May 1884Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1740
5 Gibbs, William  11 Jun 1869Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1724
6 Gibbs, William of Tyntesfield  3 Apr 1875Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I1611
7 Lawley, Hon Ursula Mary Baroness Wraxall, OBE, RRC  16 Oct 1979Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2086
8 Long, Victoria Florence de Burgh  29 Mar 1920Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2084


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Gibbs, Alexandra Mary Henrietta   I2103
2 Gibbs, Eustace Hubert Beilby 3rd Baron Wraxall, KCVO, CMG  13 Aug 1929Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset I2097
3 Gibbs, Jonathan Charles William   I2101


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bathurst Norman / Gibbs  12 Nov 1937Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Somerset F950